Unity in Diversity (A tribute to the 80th Araw ng Dabaw)

by: Sienna Rose Mabuti
Layout by: Raniel John Macanang

Colorful banderitas greeted me with a hello
as I enter the city of Davao
The hearts of the citizens echo
the rhythms of the bright tomorrow

By the cul-de-sacs you will witness
Bagobos carving weapons and harness
Metal discs, shells, beads on fiber dresses
Elaborate decorations on metal boxes

Mandayas, on the other hand, weaving
Famed coarse, textured abaca fiber for clothing
Bright-colored threads and geometry for designing
–the elements of the tribal folklore in the living

Next we have the Mansakas’ traditions
The silversmiths of gears and foundations
Christian and Muslim cultures blending in motion
In the ethnic art of music, dance, and religion

Major indigenous tribes and migrant settlers
Different languages, ideas, and content letters
Remarkable leadership and discipline for the better
Peace, order, goals, and visions are chosen against the latter

Greetings from the Crown Jewel of Mindanao
To the melting pot of different beliefs we bow
As zero tolerance to abuse starts now
Here’s to the unity in diversity they allow.


Author: kabalitaanph

I am God's servant. I am a 13-year-old campus journalist. i'm a Filipino, from the Philippines

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